R.U.F. Roll Up Fence – Crowd Control Barriers 2020

A wise man said, “The dangers of life are infinite, and among them is safety. “Omega Industrial Products is enthusiastic to launch, first of its kind pedestrian safety barrier in the United States.

We bring innovative Roll Up Fence that makes your work platforms and pedestrian traffic zones even safer and sound. For your safety is our foremost priority.

We Omega Industrial Products are a pioneer to make available “Delineator Post Barrier System” in the market. This product brings several advantages for people working in construction sites to public working sites to hazardous work zones. This patented product also assists traffic control authorities to control and segregated pedestrian to avoid any inconvenience by the roads. These benefits result in saving finance and time as well.  While traditional caution tape is vulnerable, the Roll Up Fence is a full-height, rigid body with beautiful yet simple rail designed portable crowd control barrier system ready to serve in a variety of environments.


Let’s have a brief look upon R.U.F‘s (Roll Up Fence) features and benefits:




  • It is constructed from high strength yet lightweight good quality anodized aluminum.
  • It is stored in a less and fraction space.
  • It takes a single person to install in less than 30 seconds in any work platforms.
  • The R.U.F of the kind portable barrier, hence easy to move in emergency cases.
  • It is designed for low wind resistance.

More Vertical Coverage:

  • More efficient and effective as compared to caution tape.
  • Follows the international safety orange standards in terms of color.
  • Highly Visible and low in cost.


  • It is highly competitive for every kind of work platforms.
  • Being a Portable Barrier, saves time, space above all money.
  • It is adjustable in every 42 Delineator Post, hence reduce cost.
  • ** DELINEATOR POSTS are sold separately **

Highly Versatile:

  • It is utilized as a pedestrian barrier due to its portability.
  • It is best for prevention purpose in different scenarios.
  • It is the finest option to control the crowd in construction sites, police emergencies, fire emergencies, sporting events, and parade barricades.

Why R.U.F (Roll Up Fence) is the finest option

Samuel Johnson, who has a remarkable contribution in English Literature as a poet, playwright and moralist mentioned a beautiful saying in his book, “What we hope ever to do with ease, we must first learn to do with diligence”. This quotation highlighted the importance of easiness and portability in the most professional manner. Our innovative product possesses both characteristics in it.

Do you want to outshine your performance during great hustle and bustle or to overcome a big crowd in the easiest way? What you need is to use R.U.P as one of the greatest assets. R.U.P modern barriers are easily installable in less time and its portability is cherry on the top.

Traffic control authorities and other concern departments often prefer light-weight, easily installable and above all portable barriers to deal with the crowd in various scenarios. It is the toughest job in many situations, R.U.F barriers have to offer many perks in the concern from police emergencies to fire emergencies to construction sites to a sports event to procession blockade.

For diverse work platforms, portable R.U.F barriers are suitable in an efficient and effective way possible. From protecting pedestrian to guiding drivers along the roads these portable crowd barriers perform exceptionally.

Let’s talk about other work platforms where these portable barriers make your performance outshined. Like, to restrain crowd from private premises, to limit the crowd from certain boundaries and to strict the traffic from pedestrian areas. R.U.F portable barriers are the finest tool to deal in such situations.

R.U.F international orange safety standard added values to our innovative product, hence highly visible in every work platforms.

It has to offer a wide range of categories in terms of its size and colors. You need to stay focus while selecting a model by keeping in your mind your requirements for its best performance. Scroll down to find crowd control barriers that truly suit your demands.

Let us suggest you, select higher visibility crowd control barriers for better performance in both light and dark.

All these exceptional features in our product make a groundbreaking difference in crowd management activities in various work platforms.

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