HDPE Pipe Bollard Cover

52-Inch tall bollard guard covers manufactured with high-density polyethylene, helps in the prevention of scratches and corrosion.


Product Features
  • HDPE Bollard Guard Covers clean up rusted pipes, instantly enhance and upgrade look and feel of your amenities
  • Bollard Guard Covers remove the vulnerable, run down look
  • Their fade-resistant ultraviolet stabilizers diminish fading and hide scratches and corrosion
  • Bollard Guard Covers offer built-in refinements like domed taps and reflective tape to enhance visibility
  • Bollard Guard Covers can easily slide over your current post, and are safe with gripper tabs that can be swapped out with foam strips without adding extra expense to accomodate nonstandard post sizes
  • No maintenance cost is required
  • Available in stock sizes to fit 4″ and 6″ diameter pipe, 52″ tall

All of our products are highly customizable according to consumer’s need and requirement in terms of height, length, color, location, and above all, functionality. Request a quote for any custom requirements.



HDPE Pipe Bollard Covers from Omega

This product is formally designed and available in the market through an established network of countrywide distributors. It can be utilized for the optimal protection of personnel, equipment and other amenities in today’s high-risk and high-liability environment.

The nation’s leading firms, government bodies, and other private institutions is the principal consumer of our quality and trusted products. Omega’s Bollard Guards provide employers both in public and private capacities across the board with a safer and more user-friendly work environment through its protection against any damage.

Our products are firmly devised and engineered to enfold your most valuable resources with the real world, confirmed defense. Our Bollard Covers and Bollards Guards are available in an array of options; hence fulfill requirements depending on your application and aesthetic considerations. They are also offered in custom colors and standard sizes to cover up pipe ranges from 4” and 6”. These covers are available in both Surface Mount and Core Mount Styles. Whether you require a stock item or a bespoke design, omega can address your unique situation with the finest solution quickly.

Bollard Covers in Action


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