Self Closing
Safety Gates

A Fully Adjustable Range Of Safety Gates For Use In Industrial Environments

High Quality, Fully compliant SWING gate systems

Self closing swing gates provide a controlled access solution for industrial environments. These gates serve as a barrier to hazardous areas and restricted machinery. Safety gates also secure potential fall hazards such as ladder and stairway openings.

Safety Gate Features

  • Utilizing a spring loaded mechanism, safety gates close automatically after users pass through, ensuring that all areas remain accessible yet restricted to authorized personnel only

  • Attractive, highly visible Omega traffic safety yellow finish

  • Options include single and double width gates providing access to a wide range of openings

  • Safety gates are quick and easy to install

  • Safety gates can be cut on-site accommodating custom widths as needed

  • Safety gates are designed to be universal, with the ability to flexibly fit a variety of surfaces, both round and square

  • Custom applications and colors available

Safety Gate Gallery