Protect Personnel From Hazardous Areas With Compliant Safety Barriers

Safety Handrails & Gates for Industry

Pedestrian barrier systems with controlled access points are essential for safeguarding personnel, equipment, and materials from transportation and industrial accidents. Properly applied handrail and gate systems can greatly reduce the risk of collisions involving forklifts and other types of mobile machinery. 

Pedestrian Barrier Advantages

  • Durable hand rail systems for any industrial application
  • Preassembled components for quick design, shipping and installation
  • Meets OSHA  standards
  • Low system cost and implementation
  • Attractive, highly visible Omega traffic safety yellow finish

Custom Design Support

At Omega, we understand that every barrier system is unique and can help you develop a solution tailored to your specific needs.

Pedestrian Safety Barrier Components


Our spring loaded self closing safety gates are the ideal solution for shortening installation times, ensuring user safety and versatility in any workplace. Width options for single or double door spans along with on-site cutting adjustments allow for the gate to fit virtually any opening.

Handrail Systems

Keep your facility safe and compliant with Omega safety railing. Our industrial handrail solution makes it easy to create a secure and sturdy railing system that keeps hazards in check. Investing in a proper safety railing system helps ensure your team’s security on the job.