Maximize space with a turnkey engineered mezzanine system for industry from Omega

Versatile, Cost-effective Solutions

A mezzanine is an intermediate level or platform that can be installed within an existing facility, effectively creating additional floor space. Mezzanines are a perfect solution for businesses that need to expand their storage or office space without investing in a complete relocation or a new building.

Mezzanine Advantages

  • Increased Storage Space: A mezzanine can effectively double or even triple your available storage space, depending on the height of your warehouse.
  • Cost-Effective Expansion: Installing a mezzanine is significantly more affordable than constructing a new building or moving to a larger facility.
  • Customizable Design: Mezzanines can be custom-designed to fit your specific storage and space requirements. From the placement of stairs and handrails to choosing the floor decking material, you have complete control over the design of your mezzanine.
  • Improved Workflow: By adding a mezzanine, you can improve the overall layout and workflow of your warehouse. This can lead to increased productivity, better organization, and a safer work environment.
  • Flexibility to Adapt to Future Needs: Mezzanines are a flexible solution that can easily be adapted as your business grows and changes. If your storage needs change, a mezzanine can be dismantled and reconfigured to meet your new requirements.
  • Easy Installation: The installation of a mezzanine is relatively quick and easy, with minimal disruption to your warehouse operations. This means you can have your new space up and running in no time.

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