Corner Guards

Heavy duty corner guards provide maximum corner protection from forklift impact and damage.


Product Features
  • Protect corners from forklift impact and damage
  • Provides maximum corner protection
  • Anchors to the floor for easy installation
  • Heavy-duty, low profile design to protect against front and side forklift impacts
  • More durable and cost-effective than conventional pipes and embedded concrete bollards
  • Easy to replace, if damaged by a forklift
  • Attractive, highly visible Omega traffic safety yellow finish
  • Floor anchors (5/8″ x 5″) included

Heavy Duty Corner Guards

Omega safety Corner Shield products are part of the many safety barrier/guardrail type products offered through Omega Industrial Products, designed and made available through an established network of nationwide distributors for the optimal protection of people, places and things in today’s high-risk, high-liability environments.

Color scheme creates a highly visible warning to drivers even under low lighting conditions.

Corner Shield In Action