Pipe & Downspout Guards

Designed to eliminate damage to your plumbing, mechanical, and electrical equipment, pipe guards/downspout pipe guards are mounted to building columns and facility walls.


Product Features
  • Designed to eliminate damage to your plumbing, mechanical and electrical equipment mounted to building columns and facility walls
  • The heavy-duty construction is designed to take the blow from in-plant vehicle traffic
  • Protecting your facility and personnel from injury or damage to vulnerable power, supply and mechanical lines
  • Available in wall mount and column mount versions

Heavy-duty pipe and downspout guards protect your facility and personnel from injury or damage.

Damage to a pipe or conduit could result in a fire, smoke, or flood damage. The impact to your inventory and production could be catastrophic. Don’t leave the future of your business in the hands of your plant vehicle operators. Pipe Shield puts a protective barrier around water pipe and electrical conduit, eliminating the possibility of catastrophic impact.

The Omega pipe guards/downspout pipe guard product line is part of the many safety barrier/guardrail type products offered through Omega Industrial Products, designed and made available through an established network of nationwide distributors for the optimal protection of people, places and things in today’s high-risk, high-liability environments.

Pipe & Downspout Guard in Action


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