Stair Systems, Mezzanines, And Other Custom Safe Access Solutions for Industry


An engineered stair system and mezzanine can provide easy access to an elevated work area in your facility. Stair systems can be designed to meet OSHA standards and can be customized to fit your specific needs. Mezzanines can be used for storage, office space, or as an observation platform.

Optimized Solutions For Industrial Applications

  • Decades of experience in system design and engineering
  • Tailored access systems that meet a wide array of needs
  • All our projects undergo rigorous strength testing to ensure safety and durability
  • Our team of engineers delivers custom-made systems surprisingly quickly—and at an affordable cost

Custom Design Support

If you are considering adding an engineered stair system,  mezzanine, or other customized access solution to your facility, contact Omega Industrial Safety for a free consultation. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to design and install a custom solution that meets your specific needs.


Omega Industrial Safety is proud to offer a variety of safety products to our customers, including Omega structural stair systems, crossovers, and ladder systems. These products are designed to complement the many safety barrier and guard rail products offered through Omega Industrial Products.

Mezzanine Systems

A mezzanine is an ideal solution for businesses looking to add additional space without needing to move or build a new facility. This in-between level can be installed within an existing building, thus creating more efficient storage and office space. Investing in a mezzanine is a cost conscious way for facilities to expand their options and capitalize on unused areas.