Providing unmatched safety barrier products and expertise to protect your staff and facility.


An Omega Protection Plan is critical to the safe operation of any operation involving workers and heavy machinery. We offers a complete selection of industrial barrier and safe access products to protect workers from injuries and hazardous working conditions.

The Omega Safety Barrier Advantage

  •  Omega Safety Products and Barriers made from the best, most durable materials
  •  Ensure your work environment is compliant with all job site codes and safety regulations
  •  Omega experts can assess and recommend stock or custom solutions for your unique facility requirements
  • Omega’s proprietary system design software provides efficient design and fast estimates
  • Omega Safety products simultaneously keep workers safe while protecting equipment, minimizing maintenance costs


3D Rendering of Custom Safety Barrier Solutions

Omega proprietary system design software overlays custom safety barriers directly on top of architectural renderings. This provides efficient and accurate estimates when developing the approach that best meets the requirements and budget of the project.

3D Design & Estimating System

  • Fast Accurate Estimates 
  • Custom Barrier System 
  • 3D Engineering Visualization 
  • Precision Planning For Accurate Implementation



Third party analysis sample Impact Ratings Chart and Stress Map documenting the reliable durability of the Omega Traffic Shield.

Impact Ratings to Ensure Proper Protection

Omega Industrial Barriers and Systems have been analytically tested and rated to ensure the protection needed for your facility’s specifications. Furthermore, Omega’s precision manufacturing process ensures your safety system products arrive, install, and protect exactly as designed.

Omega Manufacturing Advantages

  • Third Party Tested Impact Ratings
  • Precision Manufacturing
  • Products Can Withstand Repeated Impacts Without Repair

About Omega Industrial Safety

Our Mission: Create A Safer Workplace For Businesses And Employees Around The Country

Since 1987, Omega Industrial Safety has been America’s supplier of industrial safety products that increase workplace safety and productivity and reduce employee injuries. Our physical safety barrier and gallery of industrial safety products were designed to protect people, machinery, building walls, shelving, racks, doors, finished products, and anything else that requires protection on site.

Omega Industrial Safety promotes a culture of excellence and regularly invests in the people, technology and resources in order to deliver world class service to our customers. Omega Industrial Safety is a sales-based driven company whose employees strive to provide competitive products and superior service by listening and responding to the requirements of the customers they are committed to serving.

The company’s original core values focus on always serving the best interests of the customer. To do this Omega Industrial Safety provides our employees with great opportunities to learn, grow, develop their skill set and succeed within a safe and collaborative work environment that remains in place today.

Our core values define how we work, make decisions, solve issues and move the business forward regardless of what position we hold within the organization or specific or special circumstances. We all hold each other accountable to live by our core values of:

  • Honest and Direct
  • Consistent
  • Passionate
  • High Integrity
  • Honor Commitments
  • Communicative
  • Change Focused

Companies buy from us because they know they’ll get a superior product designed to perfectly to fit their safety application. They know the entire project process, from initial discussions to installation, will be a great experience!

Omega Introductory Video


Efficient Design And Installation Of Facility Safety Barrier


Our experts are here to discuss your facility needs. We’ll give you the information without any sales pressure.


Whether it’s a small area or an entire plant, Omega safety engineers make sure your staff is protected.


We have a massive stock of inventory and the ability to manufacture custom pieces quickly and accurately.


Omega can facilitate turnkey installation, or you can have your personnel install with standard equipment.