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Portable Pedestrian Barriers: 15 Uses for the Roll-Up-Fence

At OMEGA Industrial Products, our team is always working to develop cutting-edge solutions to keep customers safe.

One of our latest innovations is the R•U•F Roll-Up-Fence, a portable pedestrian safety barrier. Designed as a lightweight and highly portable barricade, its applications range from controlling both safe and unsafe construction site zones to designated pedestrian zones at festivals and other events.


R•U•F’s patented design saves users time and money by being:

  • Compact — Extremely lightweight, the 6’6” or 3’3” R•U•F rolls up easily, requiring a fraction of the space needed by alternatives such as sawhorse, plastic, or metal bike rack-style barricades.
  • More visible —Made of high-strength, lightweight, anodized, and non-corrosive aluminum, the RUF features Bright International Safety Orange bars, which provide more vertical coverage and higher visibility than caution tape or single-bar barriers.
  • Highly portable — The portable barrier quickly rolls up and can be easily moved in case of emergency.
  • Cost effective — R•U•F is priced very competitively to alternative solutions.

By following these three simple steps, one person can install a section of RUF in under a minute:

  1. Position the posts
  2. Unroll RUF
  3. Attach with loops

Capable of withstanding the elements and adapting to custom configurations, R•U•F can be implemented in any location requiring pedestrian barricades or crowd safety precautions.

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In hazardous zones, R•U•F offers high visibility to shield workers, prevent unauthorized entrances, and keep people and cars out of danger. For events and temporary crowd-control needs, RUF offers quick and easy setup and breakdown.

OMEGA’s R•U•F Roll-Up-Fence is compact, portable, and highly visible — making it an ideal safety barrier solution for a wide range of uses.

Below are some of its most common applications.


  • Construction sites — Construction sites can be full of unexpected dangers and risks. It helps protect construction workers onsite, acting as a marker for holes or uneven ground, as well as stairwells. This fencing can also act as a barrier to keep the general public out of construction zones and out of harm’s way.


  • Public works projects — Roll up fencing functions well as a pedestrian barrier or as a temporary fence around public works projects that may be hazardous to passersby. This style of fence is perfect for projects in high-pedestrian traffic areas, as well as areas where new sidewalks are being put in, road repairs are being done, or manholes are being fixed.


  • Entertainment venues — At entertainment venues, such as those for concerts and plays, OMEGA’s roll up fence can be extremely useful for crowd control and keeping lines orderly and secure. Easy setup and portability make it ideal for venues that need crowd control barriers but have constantly changing logistics and crowd sizes to deal with.


  • Police emergencies —Our fencing is suited to crowd control in the event of police emergencies — whether dealing with an accident, a crime scene, a traffic incident, or a road closure. It can help maintain pedestrian boundaries between the affected area and the surrounding ones, protecting citizens while giving police officers and first responders more control at the scene.


  • Fire emergencies — Fire departments may also use this a safety barrier in order to keep bystanders back at a safe distance during fire emergencies. In addition, portable fencing often gives those affected by a traumatic event — such as fires — a greater sense of security, and also gives emergency personnel the space they need to perform their duties without interference from bystanders.


  • Indoor — Used as temporary fencing in a wide range of indoor settings, OMEGA’s portable fencing is ideal for warehouses, stadiums, stores, factories, schools, and hospitals.


  • OutdoorR•U•F can also be used in a range of outdoor areas and applications, such as sidewalks, streets, parks, neighborhoods, and outdoor shopping centers.


  • Retail — Retail stores often use our roll up fence to maintain order in their stores during big promotions, sales, and shopping events, like Black Friday. Portable fencing is an effective means of keeping lines orderly before stores open, creating designated areas for checkout, and keeping customers out of storage areas and stock


  • Commercial — Commercial businesses can use this style of fence to mark closed parking spaces in the lot, as well as closed building entrances and exits; it may also be used to notify people of safety concerns such as broken elevators or uneven ground.


  • Industrial — Many manufacturers utilize OMEGA’s roll up fence as a safety barrier in their warehouse or factory to keep employees safe, close off broken or dangerous equipment, and prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing certain areas.


  • Crowd control — To keep large groups of people contained, safe, and orderly, many venues use this fencing solution for crowd control barriers. R•U•F reduces the risk of injury to those gathered, restricts individuals from accessing VIP or off-limit areas, and keeps a safety barrier between performers and attendees.


  • Sporting events —Whether containing long lines of excited fans, marking parking spaces, or designating tailgating areas, our fencing has many uses at sporting events, in both outdoor fields and indoor stadiums.


  • Festivals —Festivals usually take place in open, uncontained spaces, such as fields or parks, and can serve as an efficient, portable fence solution for creating boundaries and designating specific For example, R•U•F can be used to create parking areas or separate festival activity areas for music, food, and alcohol.


  • Parades —Ideal for creating parade routes that are easy and clear for participants to follow. This fencing can serve as protective pedestrian barriers, easily separating spectators — who often include children — from traffic and vehicles participating in the parade.


  • Flea and farmers markets — Markets are often set up in wide open areas, such as parking lots or parks, and R•U•F can provide a reliable means of creating stalls or stands in order to separate vendors and establish clear boundaries between the buyers and sellers — ultimately allowing for easier, quicker exchanges.


For three decades, OMEGA Industrial Products has had one mission: to create a safer workplace for businesses and their employees. We supply a range of standard and custom barrier products that reduce injuries and optimize both safety and productivity for companies of all sizes in the public and private sectors.

We now offer a free R•U•F Product Brochure detailing the Roll Up Fence’s features and capabilities. Download the brochure today for more information.