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Quick-Step Stair Systems, Crossover Platforms and Ladder Systems for Industry

Secure Stairway & Ladder Access

Omega structural stair systems, crossovers, and ladder systems compliment the many Safety Barrier and Guard Rail products offered through Omega Industrial Products.

Guardrail System Advantages

  • Stairways designed to meet any adopted building codes
  • Handrails and safety rails are constructed from heavy gauge steel to meet OSHA fall-protection requirements
  • All the components are pre-manufactured and matched to each
  • All stair and ladder systems can be customized to your specific needs and dimensions
  • Available for interior or exterior applications individual application
  • Engineered to be suitable for a wide range of heavy-traffic and safety-critical uses


The exclusive stair design is based on the concept of a parallelogram to provide vertical adjustability that can eliminate costly mistakes from mismeasurement, change in floor heights during construction, or uneven floors. Once you set the top and bottom treads to the prescribed rise, the rest of the trends fall into a uniform rise and run. 

Stairway & Platform Crossover

Crossover stairways provide secure a pathway over various obstacles or hazards, creating a safe environment for any employees or contractors accessing the your facility. The crossover stairway system eliminates the potential risk of navigating hazardous obstructions.

Ladder & Platform System

Sometimes space considerations require a ladder system for to access areas where stair systems are not practical. Omega ladder systems are industrial grade, stable and secure, with a landing platform and sturdy handrails allowing staff to safely use the ladder at height.

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