Industrial Safety Barriers & Guard Rails protect people, walkways, machinery and buildings from collisions.

The Industrial Safety Barriers & Guard Rails provided by Omega Industrial Products are constructed from the toughest steel and provide non-penetrable support and protection.

Our Industrial Guardrail line of products includes:

Removable Guardrail and Gate Systems

removable-guard-rail-and-gatesRemovable guardrails protect workers, equipment, and structures from accidents caused by vehicles and machinery while allowing quick access when needed.

Safety Guard Rails prevent damage costs related to employee injury, company downtime, and machine damage.

Removable guardrails are flexible enough to be used when needed, yet durable enough to provide the superior impact strength permanent guardrail clients have come to depend on.

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Guard Rail Mounting Posts

mounting-post-18in-singleGuard Rail mounting posts ensure the performance of your guardrail system by providing the support needed to absorb impact while keeping your system securely attached to its foundation.

Available in both inside corner and special angle designs, guardrail mounting posts are built to be both flexible and resistant to damage.

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Guard Rail Caps, Flairs, and Accessories

Guardrail caps are not only a visually appealing way to finalize your Guardrail system design, they also help prevent further damage by absorbing and redistributing the force of impact during collisions.

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Guard Rail Brackets

guardrail-bracketOmega guardrail brackets allow the mounting of guardrail systems in a variety of ways.

Angle brackets extend the angle and location of your guardrail system, while inside and corner brackets create clean transitions in places such as curves, building walls, and on-ramps without the use of additional posts.

Galvanized Guard Rails and Posts

All of our products can be easily customized to your specific needs and dimensions. Whether they be height, length, color, location, or functionality. Request a quote and we will contact you.

Only Omega Guardrails offer you these advantages:

Guard Rail

  • Protection across the workplace from injuries and accidents caused by moving vehicles
  • Designed to absorb the impact of a forklift, sweeper, other in-plant vehicles
  • Available in stock single or double rail heights that can be customized to fit any application
  • Attractive, highly visible OSHA-approved Omega safety yellow finish
  • Heavy-duty construction for superior strength and long-term reliability
  • Modular construction with standard components that easily adapt to most applications
  • Easy installation – shipped with all necessary components and hardware
  • Easy expansion or relocation

For your convenience, Omega has gathered Architectural Specifications for a wide range of products. Download them here.

All of our products can be easily customized to your specific needs and dimensions, whether they’re height, length, color, location, or functionality. Contact us today.

Benefits of Guard Rail or GuardRails :

Guardrails are also known as guard rail or railings, is a structure intended to keep people or vehicles from drifting into hazardous or off-limits areas…


Everywhere around the world we are dependent on industrial workers to manufacture and handle equipment under hazardous conditions they often work under a huge risk of losing a life.  So it is the duty of every industry to ensure their workers with the best safety equipment.

It is legally and mandatory function that every company to fulfill. There are multiple industrial safety products that are produced world wild. Some of the products are Guard Rail, metal guardrails, bed guardrail, and warehouse and crib guardrails, Handrails and stairways, protective guards and floor angles and much more.

It is a natural setting for many manufacturing and processing industries involves a variety of critical safety points. This is due to the production system which utilizes heavy, chemical and other sensitive material and processes. Typical industrial hazard can include chemical exposure to the body, ergonomic hazards due to frequent and or intense physical strain, as well as other physical dangers such as heat or heaving moving parts.

The issue of industrial safety has evolved concurrently with industrial development in the United States. A key development within industrial safety is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Through the support of other organizations like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), these organizations are able to develop mandatory safety and health standards for all sensitive work environments.

For the systematic protecting the wearer’s body from different types of injuries, while working in a hazardous environment, it is recommended to make use of safety products and industrial safety products. Omegaindl Provide a large range of industrial safety products which includes a wide range of guardrails, handrails, stairways, overhead door and protective guards, floor angles and custom safety barriers. A handrail is less preventive than a guardrail and presents both support and the defensive restriction of margin. Most public properties have guard rail as a means of safety against unintentional falls.

Industrial guardrail protects machinery and provides a safe and efficient work environment, it’s most important role is protecting people. The Industrial Safety Barriers & GuardRails provided by Omega Industrial Products are constructed from the toughest steel and provide non-penetrable support and protection. Guardrail sheet is economical and easy to use temporary fall protection guardrails system for multi-story buildings. Omegaindl Guard Rail is easy to install. This provides considerable savings in time and installation costs. In elevated situations where there is a danger of kicking something onto someone below, OSHA requires the use of 2 × 4 sized toe board between the bases. The bases of the Guardrails can be retrofitted with our custom Speed boards. Zinc plated finish looks professional and will last for years. The Guardrails are portable and can be dismantled/assembled as the need arises.  Our Guardrails meets or exceeds OSHA requirements for OSHA Regulations 29 CFR 1926.500 – 503 and 29 CFR 1910.23. Our guardrail is used by the construction industry, warehouses, manufacturing, and commercial facilities and in public safety situations.

While there are OSHA guidelines regulating the use of handrails and other guarding devices in facilities for structures such as stairs, mezzanines, temporary manhole covers etc.; there is no direct guidance for the use of guardrail around machinery or designated vehicle travel paths. OHSA Industry Regulations state that a guardrail should typically range between 42 and 44 inches in height (though shorter and taller rails are sometimes allowed). While mid-rails aren’t necessarily a requirement, they are strongly recommended for secured storage shelving and other locations where a loose object could go under the top rail, fall, and land on someone below. The guardrails play a vital role in industrial safety and the proper assembly of the guardrail face can save lives.