Omega Industrial Products is eager to introduce a new, first-of-its-kind pedestrian safety barrier in the US.

The R.U.F. Roll-Up-Fence is an innovative solution to protect dangerous work sites and pedestrian traffic zones.

The only true Delineator Post barrier system available today, this patented product saves time and money for contractors, public work projects, and event coordinators anywhere pedestrians need to be directed or segregated from hazardous work zones. Designed to work with almost any 42″ Delineator Post

** DELINEATOR POSTS are sold separately **


While caution tape falls and damages easily, the R.U.F. pedestrian safety barrier is the only full-height, rigid top and bottom rail designed to fit almost all delineator posts available.




  • Stores in a fraction of the space of alternative products
  • Constructed from high strength, lightweight, anodized aluminum
  • Takes one person to install – sets up in 30 seconds or less
  • Highly portable – can be moved quickly for emergency access
  • Designed for low wind resistance

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  • More effective than caution tape or single bar
  • Bright International Safety Orange
  • High visibility and low cost


  • Highly competitive with alternative methods
  • Saves time, space, and money

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Designed to fit almost all delineator posts

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