Door Track Guards

Omega Track Shield offers specialized overhead door track guard protection against impacts as a result of forklift operations and other heavy duty equipment.


Product Features
  • Provides maximum track defense without interfering normal overhead door operations
  • Easily installed
  • Wall or floor attachment options available
  • Protection against front and side heavy duty operation’s impacts
  • Easily replaceable if damage occurs
  • OSHA approved color scheme for higher visibility in both light and dark
  • More durable and cost-effective than conventional pipes and embedded concrete bollards


Our exceptional product, Trak Shield have made its own worth in the industry due to its capability to propose the highest overhead door track defense. Its capability to install at minimal cost and at fractions has added values to this product. The Trak Shield overhead door set up directly into the building floors in minutes. Hence grant protection against heavy-duty operations.


Our special wall mounted guard has made its significance in the industry due to its economically built design. Wall mounted guards are one of the finest products our company has to offer at your service in the category of the industrial garage door. They are easily installable directly to the building walls in order to prevent heavy duty operation’s impact and damage. Wall Mounted Guards are specifically designed for walls protection.

Track Guards In Action


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