Floor Angles

Constructed with built-in heavy duty design, floor guide rails and angles keep traffic away from critical rack supports or other vulnerable areas.



Product Features
  • Floor Angle with Heavy Duty thick steel angle to keep traffic away from critical rack supports or machinery.
  • Will cut to size – available in any length.
  • Attractive, highly visible OSHA-approved – Omega Traffic Safety Yellow finish.
  • All hardware is included (5/8″ x 5″ Floor Anchors).
  • Custom applications and colors available.


Floor angles can be used as connectors between rack guards or by themselves, these products are available in any size.

Omega Industrial Products, Inc. carries and manufactures the best in industrial safety floor angles, which will fit into any setting and comply with all necessary building codes.

Omega product designs like safety barriers, guard rails, bollards, and rack guards reduce vulnerabilities with a level of quality and durability simply not found elsewhere.

At Omega Industrial, we don’t take risk lightly. Neither should you. Our products offer unbeatable protection with strength in construction. Omega also offers outstanding customer service the industry has come to rely on since 1987.

All of our products can be easily customized to your specific needs and dimensions, whether they’re height, length, color, location, or functionality. Request a quote and we will contact you.

Floor Guards In Action


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