The Psychology of Safety Colors

What do you think of when you see the color yellow(Safety Color)? For most people, it radiates feelings of warmth, joy, optimism, confidence, inspiration, and positive energy. As a long-wavelength color — the brightest on the visible spectrum — yellow is also the most noticeable shade to the human eye, known to stimulate mental activity […]

Add Flexibility and Easy Access with Quick-Step Systems

Whether you need exterior access stairs, interior risers or steps leading to a crossover platform, Omega Industrial Products offers Quick-Step stairs that are up to the task. Omega’s Quick-Step systems are prebuilt to install in any location you need quickly. Using our years of experience, we’ve engineered these durable and reliable stairs that can be […]

Keep ‘Em Out, Keep ‘Em Safe

Recently, Omega Industrial Products introduced a new product to its lineup of great safety products: The Roll-Up-Fence. The R-U-F offers an entirely new way to protect job sites, prevent accidents and so much more. The R-U-F is comprised of highly durable and flexible materials that make it incredibly versatile for a wide range of uses. […]