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Add Flexibility and Easy Access with Quick-Step Systems

Whether you need exterior access stairs, interior risers or steps leading to a crossover platform, Omega Industrial Products offers Quick-Step stairs that are up to the task.

Omega’s Quick-Step systems are prebuilt to install in any location you need quickly. Using our years of experience, we’ve engineered these durable and reliable stairs that can be used in nearly any industrial or business application. Whether for use in a loading dock, access to construction trailers, or as egress as a fire exit, these stairs are designed to handle heavy traffic, constructed to withstand the elements, and built to comply with all OSHA requirements.



Another way that the Quick-Step system stands above the rest is our adaptable design that allows you to account for changes that may happen during site construction. If your measurements are slightly off or you’re anchoring to uneven floors, it’s no problem thanks to the exclusive design of the Quick-Step system. Once the top and bottom treads are set, all the remaining steps fall into place, creating a uniform rise that adjusts to the anchor step placements – an adaptable feature that simply isn’t possible with welded stairs.

All of Omega’s Quick-Step stairways are built using the highest quality heavy-gauge structural steel and offer a variety of step tread designs, including bar grating, concrete coated and grip strut steps, to provide additional stability and traction in any application. With Quick-Step stairs, you can save time without sacrificing safety by having a customizable stairway solution pre-manufactured and shipped to your job site without having to wait for a full custom-welded stairway to be designed, measured and installed. All stairways are also available in custom lengths and rises to meet your specific needs, plus with our safety handrails you can install a completely compliant solution that meets all safety requirements in no time at all!

Find out more about our full range of pre-manufactured Quick-Step stairway solutions today. Complete our online quote form or contact us today to discuss your specific project’s needs.