The overhead door guards provided by Omega Industrial offer the best protection against forklift and other heavy duty equipment related accidents, impacts, and damage.

The Door Guards provided by Omega Industrial Products include:

Trak-Shield Door Guards

Our specialty product, Omega Trak-Shield is known in the industry for its ability to offer maximum overhead door track protection with minimal installation at a fraction of the cost of the most common alternatives. The Trak-Shield door guards install directly into the building floor in minutes, and offers protection without interfering with the heavy duty overhead doors normal operation.

Only Omega Trak-Shield Overhead Door Guards offer your company these advantages:

  • Maximum protection without interfering with normal door operation
  • Easy installation
  • Protection against both front and side heavy duty impacts
  • Increased durability and cost-effectiveness when compared with structural options
  • Easy replacement if damaged
  • OSHA-approved color scheme to create a highly visible warning to drivers even under low lighting conditions

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Z-Guard Door Guards

door-guard-z-guard-200x200Our economically designed Z-Guard attaches directly to the building wall to offer maximum protection against impacts. Similar to the Trak-Shield in functionality and design, the Z-Guard shield door guards are easy to install, highly visible, and can be easily replaced if damaged extensively.

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Goalpost Door Safety Systems

Omega’s goalpost door safety systems offer magoal-post-overhead-guard-system-200x200ximum protection without interfering with normal door operation. They are easy to install and can protect against both front and side heavy-duty impacts.

Door safety systems include:

Goalpost door systems deliver increased durability and cost effectiveness when compared to structural options. An OSHA-approved color scheme creates highly visible warnings to drivers even under low lighting conditions.

Omega Industrial Products has gathered CAD drawings for your convenience.