R.U.F Delineator Post w/ 18 Lb. Base


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Delineator Post with 18# Base

The stem of the Delineator Tube is made of flexible yet durable fluorescent, low density polyethylene material, with UV inhibitors to minimize fading. The recessed areas on the stem protect the reflective bands, minimizing rips and scratches. The extra-large flange at the bottom on the stem allows the rubber base to hold it firmly in place.

The Delineator Tube comes in 42″ heights and is ballasted by 18 lb. Recycled Rubber Bases.



  • Stores in a fraction of the space of alternative products
  • Takes one person to install – sets up in 30 seconds or less

Highly Portable:

  • Can be moved quickly for emergency access
  • Designed for low wind resistance
  • More vertical coverage

High Visibility:

  • Bright International Safety Orange – more effective than caution tape or single bar

Low Cost / Affordable:

  • Highly competitive with alternative methods
  • Saves time, space, and money

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Weight23.0000 lbs