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Omega Rack Guards
are constructed with built-in Heavy Duty design, and radius ends to keep traffic away from critical rack supports.

Available in stock sizes from 26″ to 48″, Rack Guards are but one type of the many Safety Barrier / Guardrail type products offered through Omega Industrial Products.

Our top-quality products are used and trusted by the nation’s leading companies, government agencies and institutions. Omega Rack End Guards are engineered to provide employers in public and private capacities across the board with a safer and more user-friendly workplace by supplying protection and minimizing physical hazards.

Built to Spec, Built to Fit, Built to LAST

Omega Industrial Products, Inc. carry and manufacture the best in Industrial Safety Rack Guards, which will fit in to any setting and building codes. Omega Rack Guard products like Safety Barriers, Guard Rails, Bollards, and all of its many safety products and designs offer quality and durability simply not found elsewhere. Rack guards come in a variety of configurations and are yet another of the many uses Omega provides to protect people, machinery, and constructions from the foreseen and the unforeseen.

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