Safety Barriers Guard Rails and safety items produced by Omega Industrial Safety products have been intended to shield plant and individuals from accidents.

Industrial vehicles cause large of pounds of damage every year to buildings, plant, and machinery. Deplorably, numerous mishaps include damage to individuals too, a considerable lot of which could have been maintained a strategic distance from.


Protective Barrier is components which anticipate passage into a dangerous area. It is commonly used to moderate hazard. Safety barriers may be hard barriers physically restricting passage or soft barriers that control circuits based on the presence of the remote bodies.

Industrial Safety Barrier Guard Rails, guardrails, handrails and other industrial safety products will help you to conform to OSHA fall protection security direction and anticipate accidents throughout your facility.

Vacant loading docks create a dangerous drop-off for employees and material handling equipment. At the point when entryways are left open to help enhance air development in offices, it can make a significantly more dubious condition. Chains or safety cones are not effective visual or physical barriers.

A variety of safety challenges exist at loading docks, industrial facilities, distribution centers and storage facilities, especially when forklifts are operating among workers on foot. Injuries to workers or pedestrians can occur. Products can be damaged. Equipment can get damaged or destroyed. To address these perils, numerous offices utilize visual signals or physical boundaries as a safety solution. Safety Barriers might be utilized to fend off individuals from robotized procedures and apparatus, to ensure representatives against falls or to caution forklifts and walkers from void stacking docks.

Safety Barriers also might be utilized to ensure creation gear or the building itself from vehicle harm. Safety Barriers play an imperative part in helping offices work securely and productively. Omegaindl Safety Barriers are designed with maximum safety in mind, while still offering design flexibility and access when needed. Each safety barrier can also be integrated with other barrier products for all-around protection.

Types of Barriers:

Hard barriers are fixed or removable guards which prevent entry. Soft barriers are devices such as light curtains. They detect the presence of a foreign body and are tied into the control circuit to stop the machine.

Following are some of the major types of the Safety Barriers.

  • Fence
  • Traffic Barriers
  • Crush barriers
  • Industrial Safety Barriers

Safety Fence:

In a modern setting, a safety barrier might be a fence or window, intended to fend off the administrator from moving parts or different dangers. A safety fence is proposed to retain some vitality caused by hitting vehicles and to realign the vehicles to move parallel to the safety fence. Safety barriers can also be used to protect the corners of fixtures, support columns, exposed pipes or cables, or designated areas on the work floor.

Crush Barrier:

Crush Barriers are also known as crowd control barriers. Crush Barrier is a strong fence or a barrier especially a temporary one that is used to divide a large crowd, for example at a sports game for restraining a crowd. These are specially designed barriers for the huge crowd to refrain them from entering any restricted area.

Traffic Barriers:

Traffic barriers, some of the time called Armco barriers, likewise referred to in North America as guardrails or guardrails and in Britain as crash barriers, keep vehicles inside their roadway and keep them from slamming into hazardous hindrances, for example, stones, sign backings, trees, connect projections, structures, and dividers.

Industrial Safety Barriers:

Industrial barriers are a sheltered isolation of vehicles and individuals. These barriers make a solid physical limit amongst people on foot and moving hardware, for example, forklifts, toe pulls and different vehicles utilized inside industrial distribution centers and offices. The barriers give insurance against vehicles moving into an assigned walkway and on the other hand restrict people on foot from moving outside their assigned way.

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