Omega Column Protectors & Guards are designed to keep your facility safe and secure from the potential catastrophes building column damage or failure could cause.


Omega’s guards and protectors take the beating instead of your building columns or the mechanical, plumbing and electric apparatuses they support. Our rigid frame approach isolates your roof supports from collisions caused by in-plant traffic.

Omega column protectors come in an attractive, highly visible OSHA-approved Omega Safety Yellow finish, available in various sizes to meet your specific application. Sold in sets, each set includes (2) halves to encase H-Beam, round or square building columns. All hardware is included.

Built to Spec, Built to Fit, Built to Last

Omega safety products and column guard equipment are part of the many safety barrier and guard rail type products offered through Omega Industrial Products, designed and made available through an established network of nationwide distributors for the optimal protection of people, places and things in today’s high-risk, high-liability environments.

Safety Barriers are used to mitigate potential risks in an industrial or distribution environment by helping prevent accidents and damage caused by moving forklifts and in-plant vehicle traffic.

Our top-quality products are used and trusted by the nation’s leading companies, government agencies and institutions. Omega column protectors and barrier equipment, whether stock or custom, are made to provide employers in both public and private sectors with a safer and more user-friendly workplace. By supplying protection and minimizing physical hazards, our products ensure that your employees, facility, and bottom line are protected.

Other top-quality, state-of-the-art, time tested solutions & options:

  • Rack Guards
  • Door Guards
    • Trak-Shield™: Protects overhead door tracks from forklift impact and damage, Trak-Shield™ is designed to eliminate damage to your overhead door tracks, offering maximum protection without interfering with normal door operation. It anchors to the interior building wall and floor for easy installation; its unique low-profile shape hugs the door track and wall, wrapping around your door’s track for maximum protection.
    • Z-Guard™ the popular economy version of our highly successful Trak-Shield™ overhead door guards, simply attach to the wall
  • Bollard Guards

CAD drawings are available for your convenience.

All of our products can be easily customized to your specific needs and dimensions, whether they’re height, length, color, location, or functionality. Request a quote.

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